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Queen Ayacodobae Ramkissoon – Vice President of International Business Development Alpha-Energy, LLC

Sheila D. Ramkissoon aka Queen Ayacodobae, is a uniquely talented, skillful and gifted visionary, passionate about her work, dedicated to the Earth’s existence and the preservation of human life.  She has developed multidisciplinary curricula that have been effectively implemented in corporate, academic, and community organizations with superlative results.  Some of her projects have been implemented in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Morocco and Cameroon.   Queen demonstrates how art is intricately intertwined with science, technology, engineering and math through the development of SEESII – Scholastic Environmental Engineering and Sports International Institute©.  She promotes sustainable development, improved infrastructure, effective disaster recovery training, emergency preparedness and increased job development in the green industries.  Her services improve our nation’s economic and technological advances, thus securing national and international commerce. Queen’s global interest in green initiatives has resulted in her being appointed as Vice President of International Business Development for Alpha-Energy, LLC.