Light Force AYAH FYAH The Journey MUSARTRE

About Queen Ayacodobae or “AYA FYAH”

To know Queen is to love her for her spirit is infectious, her soul bountiful, her voice divine.  Having Queen among the delegation who traveled with me across the pond to Adornment London presented a rare opportunity to experience a rare talent.  From the moment she set foot on British soil, Queen committed to bridge build and left a lasting impression in the process.

I recall introducing her at our first public function, a reception at the popular Brixton hot spot, Acres.  She lit up the room with an amazing impromptu performance with a message, as all of her songs reveal, of living life as our creator would desire. 

You hear Queen before you see her!  As she approached the Adornment expo in the car I had ordered for her and other members of the delegation, I heard one of her songs piping from the car’s speakers and all, even the driver, moving to the beat.  Only Queen could rock a car like I saw it moving that morning! 

I saw how sisters and brothers gravitated toward her during the expo.  And following a performance that she consented to give, crowds gathering around her grew larger.  That Queen was a visitor among visitors, meaning not slated to perform any official duties, yet who was much the center of attention, was an amazing sight to behold.

On our final day, as we were all preparing to return to the airport, I noticed one of us was missing; that one was Queen.  Yet, I wasn’t surprised.  Her mission hadn’t ended. 


Seems that she had media interviews and no worries about lodging for a host had come forward.

Queen is The Queen.  I am proud to have met her.  She made London a memorable experience by touching so many lives in so many special ways.   Her message, “Peace and Blessings,” I give back to her:  Peace and Blessings, Queen.