Art-Cosmic Manifestations

Portal to Cosmic Love…

Artistry of Queen Ayacodobae

Written by Shayna Sierra Honigmann

There really is not an easy way to express ones thoughts about Queen’s paintings. In my opinion, simplifying a description for her work would almost be an insult to the paintings and the artist herself. Now, granted everyone has a right to their own opinion, still not everyone has an eye to capture what is really being presented. Does this mean a person’s opinion, who feels Queen’s paintings are “good’ or “nice”, shouldn’t be valued? No. It just means they are unable to see the message. Queen’s art couldn’t describe in a few words even if one tried because the amount of powerful things to see and emotions to feel make it impossible. Thus, a person could either say the most or stay speechless and just bask in the moment.

Let’s start out with describing what I see when I look at her art. As cliché as this may sound, I see an unwritten story. It is unwritten but heavily illustrated. The story takes place in a world not like Earth. A world filled with purity, happiness and love. Not convinced the story has been told before, my true belief is the setting in the story is present tense and playing out now. Constantly I’m seeing different elements of elevation which tells me “growth”. A physical growth, mental growth, spiritual growth, life growth or all the above, I do not know.

What I do know is the artist Queen, her life or both are definitely growing in some way. I see she loves to travel as well. There is always someone or something on a journey to somewhere in most of her paintings. One thing for sure is that whether you see an entity or not there is always a destination. We, the viewers, are never lost. We might not know exactly where we are but we are always somewhere. The connection between the different paintings shows me that no place is very far from the other. There are multiple forms of transportation, so no matter what, you can always get to where you need to go.

With that being said it tells me whatever obstacles come Queen’s way she always makes it through. There are many more key details to see and one of the most fundamental details that I see is difference. Queen’s paintings have very similar qualities but are different. The textures, the brush patterns, the color schemes are similar. However, I believe the deeper you look into them you’ll see just how different they really are.

Speaking of difference, the difference in emotions the art brings, there are a lot of feelings Queen’s art gives me. Expressing how I feel can kind of be described as going on a cosmic voyage. I feel like there so much adventure in a world unknown to me, anticipation to see what is to come. I feel the curiosity in finding what Queen is trying to show us. The colors that she creates and color blends give me a sense of euphoria. I can feel the love she has to give to the world in her paintings. Even if Queen’s presence is not in the room you can still feel her ore. That calm yet hyper energy she has is inviting. Ms. Queen Ayacodobae is truly gifted in many ways. She is such a value to the Earth and people. I am privileged to have been able to see her art in person. I hope to continue to experience the endearment of her Cosmic Love


Art By Queen Ayacodobae

Music and video provided to us by Antoun Miles Production

Art By Queen Ayacodobae
Music By: Andre’ Rieu and Gheorghe Zamfir The Lonley
Sheperd “Kill Bill” Soundtrack
Music and video provided to us by Antoun Miles Production