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QUEEN AYACODOBAE is releasing “Cosmic Manifestations ”, her fourth full CD release since  her Get The Message CD, in 2012

Queen Ayacodobae is the ultimate voice of the future. Her music is vibrant, colourful, positively conscientious, healing, packed with wisdom and insight, and addresses social issues of global interest. Her songs are anthems for human progress and are relative to all races and social groups. Her three albums including Ancestors Calling and Blessed Lessons reveal a wide scope of musical influences. Music in it’s purest form, her unique and enticing sound embodies strong elements of ska and reggae,  African rhythms, soul, funk, hip-hop, South American flavours, dance hall, dub, high life, musical theatre, psychedelic rock, acoustic indie, alternative music, and jazz .

Queen Ayacodobae has raised the musical bar on an international level and her style is unprecedentedly original. Her amazing use of her dynamic vocal instrument is second to none and in this age of over-processed and manufactured music she stands alone as an elite musical purist. The variety of tones in her vocals are rare and takes the listener back to a time when the black female voice was distinct and defied mimicry.

Queen Ayacodobae works with some of the best musicians Jamaica has to offer and the live music resonates with mind, body and soul. Music of this sophisticated calibre demands a larger and constantly expanding global audience. Queen Ayacodobae is an outstanding and phenomenal woman who has toured and performed internationally. Her music will inevitably continue to spread globally until the entire planet can hear and heal! Stay tuned !