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This is a One Woman Theatrical performance, where the character plays the role of a good woman gone bad, really bad, with a cause in mind. She has an agenda. A woman who loved from her heart, and devoted her life to a man whom she later learned was betraying her. She plays the role of a variety of professional working women and moves in on financially sound families, while making her intentions known. Instead of going down she goes up, all the way up to the top. From airline pilots to New York’s top bank managers; from the White House to Wall Street, making stops at society favorites.

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About The Author

“Criss Cross I Was Taking A Bath” is a work of genius aptitude, an explosive and incredibly entertaining One Woman play, written and directed by a celestial being, Queen Ayacodobae. Queen was born in Washington, DC and raised in Annapolis, Maryland.

She demonstrates her abilities as a highly skilled modern playwright by creating an intricate plot that uses comedy, music and a range of characterizations to tell a story that fascinates, shocks and dramatically educates the unsuspecting audience.

In this play, “Criss Cross I Was Taking A Bath”, Queen sought ways to educate the community about the pros and cons of sexual activity, both hilarious and factual, as they relate to the family structure. This outrageous theatrical performance successfully debuted in London, England at The London Theatre, May 2012.

Washington City Paper described her work in an article, “Phallus in Wonderland” , (

Queen Ayacodobae is a multitalented international artist, musician, composer, health nutritionist, educational consultant and writer. While Queen was recording her “Ancestors Calling” CD, in Kingston, Jamaica, the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper cited Queen’s exciting music and writing career, highlighting her many accomplishments and originality in African/Reggae music, and its global effect and connections. (

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Graphics by Ralph MacMurray

Graphics by Ralph MacMurray

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Holistic Sexual Healing and Family Life


Our mission is to provide a Holistic approach to family lifestyles and sexual healing in order to restore the love, respect and discipline once known to be the core of a sexual relationship. In this Holistic approach, we will provide educational, informational, and technical services for sexual awareness and its relation to school, family and community. Since sex is normally the means for producing a family, it is imperative to develop good verbal communication with your mate. It is equally important to use good communicative skills with your children. Some of these skills include a person’s ability to be a good listener as well as knowing how to say what and then, when to say it. This means getting the facts, and/or the most applicable resources.

This viable communication will assist in grooming a wholesome family with strong moral and spiritual values. The Holistic Sexual Healing and Family Lifestyles radio show provides these exceptional and so necessary qualities that will help to mold our principles and shape responsible individuals. With proper communication and open-mindedness, we can help families talk about various health disorders, how to cope with them and available resources. We provide creative, innovative, motivative and flexible ways to discuss communicable diseases, their symptoms, affects, available treatments and/or cures.

As an information service provider, the Holistic Sexual Healing radio show will render new methods for communicating its services to the general public. Some of these methods include the reading of letters referencing real life situations on topics which many of the listening audience can relate and will seek further references and resources as we provide them. These new, unique methods of communicating our goals and objectives over the air will bring about positive, energetic and long lasting results. As a Co-Host on Peace in the Morning Show the daily “Sexercises Exercises For Love” segment coaches families about health, creating, building and maintaining healthy happy relationships, protection from sexual abuse, human trafficking and other forms of domestic or physical abuse. We also emphasize the power of good mental, physical, spiritual and sexual health in strengthening our communities, cities, nation, and the world.

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